by A Daily Dose Of Glamour


So in keeping with my last post on Living a Charmed Life, I wanted to kick things off with #36 ‘Drink more water’, from ‘100 Ways to Age with Grace, Elegance & Joie De Vivre‘. I’ve seen these BKR water bottles everywhere, but the high price tag left me wondering why I should spend $28 on a glass water bottle… I finally relented after receiving an Amazon Gift Card for my Birthday in July. I chose the color ‘Bubble’ (pictured above) which looked like a blush pink online but when it arrived is more a, well, bubble pink, just like its name. Im super pleased with the color choice (so me) and love even more the amount of water I’ve been consuming since I have received it.

It’s a funny thing to find you’ve increased your water intake just due to the fact that you’re now drinking out of a glass water bottle.  But I can say in all honesty that the change of taste from drinking via a glass bottle vs. plastic is distinct. I find the water I am drinking no longer has a taste and goes down a lot smoother. After using the bottle for a few months I feel comfortable saying that I think the high price tag is worth it, not just for the increased water intake but also for all the sweet compliments I get anytime I am seen guzzling from it.

BKR water bottles come in a lovely range of color choices, AND if you are anything like me, you will appreciate that they offer replacement glass bottles if you ever clumsily drop yours ! Happy drinking!!