Truly good skincare in my opinion consists of pure, natural ingredients which I for one know that I can trust to not irritate my skin. Valia, a natural based skin care line bringing us a range of products made with Japanese Herbs by its own Herbalist, Marc Ching, has come across my radar with a bang, and due to the luxurious textures of their cleanser and moisturizer as well as the high quality natural ingredients, I am now hooked.

The Cleansing Milk feels amazing and for a milder cleanser does a fantastic job of keeping my face feeling clean. Its light and has a pleasant scent. I appreciate having a gentle cleanser for those days when my skin won’t tolerate the harsher exfoliation that I get with using my Clarisonic.


The Yuzu Hydrating Creme has given me a really gorgeous glow with each application as well as provides a temporarily tightening effect. Overall as a hydrating moisturizer I think this works very well. However, full disclosure, as I do require some serious hydration due to the winter elements and my perpetual drier skin, so I have been following up with another dose of moisture in the form of serum or balm after allowing the Yuzu to sink in.


My absolute favorite product from Valia is the Bloom Dietary Supplement. An Omega 7 rich supplement designed to help with bloat and reduce belly fat. Since I typically experience mild discomfort from most vitamins/supplements (headache, upset stomach etc) I really appreciate the zero side effects Im experiencing taking this product. I have only been taking this supplement for 2 weeks so I think it might be a bit early to see real rapid results, but given the ingredients and the ease I have had incorporating this in with the other nutritional supplements I take, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a repeat bottle being ordered soon.