For Her


It’s been 10 years since the debut of my signature fragrance. I remember exactly when I fell in love with it, it all started when I had stopped at Nordstrom one evening for a post work spending spree with a co-worker (another beauty obsessed lady), and spotted a sleek black bottle with a simple name in pink; For Her. I lightly sprayed my wrist with it’s scent and without really smelling it carried on with my shopping and promptly forgot that I had just spritzed my wrist. The next day while removing my coat upon reaching my desk, my nose finally picked up the scent I had encountered the night before. I must have looked like a nut, every 5 minutes or so casually leaning across my desk to catch another whiff off my coat hanging at the end of my cubicle. Something about the scent, it made me actually feel different. I use to hear people say that wearing something particular would alter their view themselves, but I had never experienced it myself. With each whiff I smelled elegance, sophistication. It was an adult scent, mature but not old. Sexy and bold, but still soft and lady like. Well, the clock couldn’t make it to 5 fast enough. I leaped from my desk, grabbing my sweet smelling coat on the way out the door and back to the mall. 10 years later, this beautiful black minimal bottle has stayed with me.