Nude Nails (and going green)

by A Daily Dose Of Glamour

It is SO important to be aware of what we put onto (and therefore into) our bodies. So often we feel we must sacrifice health for beauty, but thankfully there are many amazing beauty companies offering cleaner, greener & healthier products. Way back when I began my vegan journey (full disclosure; these days im about 85% vegan, but keep striving each day to get back to 100%!) I overhauled my beauty routine and swapped up each product for a purer alternative. The longest standing products that I continue to use are my beloved Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover, and of course every single color ever created by RGB Cosmetics (honestly if one could have a nail polish soul mate, RGB is mine). I also love that my affection for simplicity and understated beauty is echoed in RGB’s most popular line HIPPxRGB, the nail foundation love child between Jenna Hipp (green celeb manicurist) & RGB Cosmetics. The nude nail trend has been rediscovered as well by another amazing new find, FLOSS GLOSS, a lovely eco friendly and cruelty free brand. My obsession of the moment is with their take on the nude polish with Tan Lines (a lovely, bronzy nude) & BRITBRIT2000 (a shimmery, glittery perfect nude). Hopefully my strive for pure cosmetics will become yours too!!



Images via Lifestyle Mirror