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Anticipating Fall…

Crisp air, cinnamon spiced apple cider, and those fabulous shades of golden reds and amber that seem to radiate from the sky and trees… pretty much sums up my absolute favorite season. I know its still the middle of August and I should be doing what most people do around this time, which is soak up as much of summers warmth before things turn cold again. But, Im 100% unabashedly¬†ready to put summer behind me in anticipation of the most beautiful time of year.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

All about Louboutin

One day, one day… Someday, after we have cured world famine, and provided every man, woman and child with a proper roof over their heads and enough resources to get through life as comfortably as possible… I may finally be Ok with spending over $800 on a pair of shoes. In the meantime, I have images of Louboutin to feed my Designer shoe cravings, the affordable way. Feast your eyes on these…

All images courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


Sometimes (more frequently than Id like to admit), I come across a beauty item I must have, and being the consumer that I am, its not hard for me to give in to temptation. Sadly though, given my weird OCD ways, I like to keep all of my belongings looking as new for as long as possible (recently a very close friend asked me why on earth I keep a half used tube of Laura Mercier lipstick in its original package, strange looks ensued when I explained my tendencies). So this means that most of my gorgeous purchases go unused for shamefully too long. I know that this gorgeous bronzer risks the same fate, however – I am placing it on my must have list anyway and will make room in my vanity drawer next to my Dior eye shadow pallette and YSL Lipstick trio (still in their original cases :)

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer