Midnight in Paris

My love for all things Parisian continues… this time its fixated on the newish Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.  I am going admit to seeing this movie twice in the theater. When a film stars not only your favorite places on earth (chock full of delicious memories!) , authors and characters who defined Paris’s art & literary golden age (and yes I visited most of their final resting places at Pere Lachaise), and a wardrobe so drool worthy that I now have a new eBay search for the Chanel Grand Shopping tote from last spring (dare to dream?) you know its going into my vault of all time favorite films. Never has a movie kept me so wrapped up from beginning to end, with a giddy smile on my face the whole way through…

I do promise to dust off those copies of a Moveable Feast & The Great Gatsby I purchased at Shakespeare & Co all those months ago.

Here are some other stunning images from the film: